Qualifying Examination


All PPGCR students are required to send the following documents to the program’s office (ppgcr@contato.ufsc.br) by the 8th month after the date of registration in the program:

a) Qualifying Exam Request;
b) Proof of submission of the Research Project to the Ethics Committee;
c) Thesis Project; and
d) Qualifying Exam Committee Information.


  1. a) The examination committee must be approved by the PPGCR Council.
  2. b) The supervisor and the student must contact the members of the examination committee to schedule the date of the qualifying examination. The exam must take place up to 40 days after the approval of the examination committee by the Delegated Council.
  3. c) The Integrated Graduate Office will send the thesis project and the Qualifying Exam Evaluation Report Template for the members of the examination committee.
  4. d) The exam must be taken in a PUBLIC SESSION on the previously scheduled date.

Time of the qualifying examination:

  • 30 minutes for the student to present the thesis project;
  • 20 minutes for each examiner to comment on the presentation and ask questions, and 20 minutes for the student to reply.

After the exam:

The supervisor must fill out the Qualifying Examination Minutes and deliver them to the Integrated Graduate Office for archiving.

For further details, read the Regulation 03/2017.