Graduate Program in Rehabilitation Sciences

Welcome to the Program

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After the creation of the Support Program for the Restructuring and Expansion of Federal Universities (Programa de Apoio a Planos de Reestruturação e Expansão das Universidades Federais -REUNI), UFSC developed an expansion plan creating four new campuses: Araranguá, Blumenau, Curitibanos and Joinville. These campuses are structured around teaching, research and outreach activities focused on developing interdisciplinary higher education.

In March 2011, the Physical Therapy undergraduate program began its activities on the Araranguá Campus. Since its establishment, the program has been developing projects in partnership with the Municipal Health Department, consisting in epidemiological surveys, health education and health care projects. Bearing in mind the university’s responsibility towards the community, the Graduate Program in Rehabilitation Sciences (PPGCR) came to further strengthen these partnerships and develop more studies that will benefit the region.

Given the interdisciplinary nature of the Program, the PPGCR intends to offer training continuity to UFSC Physical Therapy graduates, as well as to attract graduates from other related areas and/or institutions. In addition, the Graduate Program in Rehabilitation Sciences aims to encourage and enable   research and clinical care practice associated with scientific evidence, stimulating the integration between teaching and research.

PPGCR is the first in Santa Catarina and the only one in the south of the state focused on the rehabilitation area, since there is a Graduate Program in Physical Therapy only in the capital, Florianópolis. In addition, since the PPGCR includes students with different backgrounds, it provides an interdisciplinary experience that is enriching for students, faculty and the target population of the research projects.



PPGCR aims to prepare qualified higher education teachers and critical and reflective researchers in ​​rehabilitation and related areas, as well as to develop new knowledge in the area of ​​Rehabilitation, aiming to contribute to the improvement of national and international institutions.



The PPGCR has one area of ​​concentration: Physical Therapy. This area of ​​concentration guides researchers to develop studies that reflect motor and functional performance with a focus on rehabilitation in humans or animal models. The lines of research include components necessary to acquire greater knowledge of the rehabilitation process taking these aspects into account. The program’s faculty has been developing research focused on rehabilitation through either  pre-clinical or clinical studies in the different areas of practice.