Curriculum Structure

The curriculum structure of the PPGCR follows a semester system. 24 credits are required for degree completion, divided into 12 credits in required courses, 6 credits in elective courses and 6 credits for the thesis development. The Master’s Program is structured to be completed in about 24 months and starts with the definition of the thesis supervisor in a specific area and line of research.

The PPGCR academic year consists of two semester terms, each lasting fifteen weeks. The schedule of each academic period specifies the courses and other academic activities available with the number of credits, class hours and corresponding descriptions, and sets the enrollment and adjustment periods.

The sequence of steps to complete the Master’s Program is:

  1. Admission to the Program – line of research and supervisor already established. Requirement of foreign language proficiency;
  2. Study plan – set between supervisor and student;
  3. Completion of course credits (total: 24 credits, of which 12 are in required courses and at least 6 in electives courses) and other research activities;
  4. Qualifying examination;
  5. Thesis development (minimum of 6 credits);
  6. Thesis defense – three-member committee (one external to UFSC);
  7. Delivery of the final copies of the thesis.